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Tall Buildings in Mexico

About Us

Reforma Capital is a private investment firm seeking to acquire a mid-sized company and generate long-term value through active management

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Who are we?

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, operators, and value-creators seeking to acquire and exponentially grow a single mid-sized company.


A group of leading global investors with extensive track records in Mexico and globally backs Reforma Capital.


We strive to take a hands-on approach to our investments, working closely with companies to establish and grow successful businesses that can be robust value creators in the long term.

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What do we look for?

We seek to invest in a successful Mexican or transborder company with the potential to increase its growth and value creation trajectory exponentially.


We aim to acquire a majority position and, upon investment, dedicate ourselves full-time to providing business, operational, and financial leadership to the company. We leverage the experience and track record of the team to help the company achieve its full potential.


Why us?

We are experienced entrepreneurs with deep investing and value-creation experience looking to partner with a single growth-oriented business. We spent the decades of our careers helping middle-market and large companies grow.


We can act fast and are highly responsive. We have ample experience navigating the acquisition process and getting deals closed.


We provide an attractive alternative to business owners seeking a stable and prosperous future for their company, employees, and customers. 

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